Rui Martins<br />Chef the Cuisine

Rui Martins
Chef the Cuisine

Chef Rui Martins has a strong and vertical personality but although reserved and quiet, is mind is restless and never ending creative. O Paparico is his way of personal expression and here it puts together a contemporary view, and a cuisine marked by his roots and childhood experiences. Acclaimed Chef of the Year 2016.
António Lopes<br />Restaurant and Wine Director

António Lopes
Restaurant and Wine Director

The best word to define Antonio is hospitality. Born in the center of Portugal, early sought to enrich himself with the most diverse experiences in the restaurant service, but the world of wines is his way of expression and prime passion. Commands the service, ensuring the satisfaction of every guest who visit us, working on their expressed and non-expressed needs; with a rigours and educated approach, but at the same time warm and comfortable. Acclaimed Sommelier of the year 2014 and award on Art of Service by International Academy of Gastronomy 2015.
Rúben Santos<br />Sub-Chef

Rúben Santos

A man from Porto. Unsatisfied by nature, he finds daily new paths to reach perfection and above all he questions constantly the reasons for every dish, every ingredient and every recipe. A thinker, a discreet and introverted character with endless energy and ambition.
Fábio Quiraz<br />PASTRY chef

Fábio Quiraz

With origins in Mirandela; had a gastronomically rich youth, because motherly affection always passed by a good table. Pastry came into his life almost by accident, but once inside, he stood out for his work, study and creativity as one of the most interesting pastry chefs of his generation. He's ambitious, self-demanding and demanding with his context. A strong man with a noble and loyal heart.
Jonathan seiller<br />Line Chef

Jonathan seiller
Line Chef

French native from Alsace. The adventurous spirit got him to work on cruise ships but destiny and the love for a Portuguese woman changed his life. Every day he brings a little bit of his roots and French experience into the kitchen of O Paparico. With strong character, creased and decisive personality, sees the world with a clinical eye specially to the small details. He´s a life lover, a polished rebel, and a winner, loved and respected by all the team.
Daniel Brandão<br />BAKER

Daniel Brandão

Went through several paths in terms of cuisine, but it was the world of bread that left him in love. He's fascinated by the ancestral science of wild yeasts and has an obsessive dedication in finding the most expressive flours of Portugal. A dedicated and studious worker, and nothing makes him happier than being called to the room to be thanked for the simplicity of a bread full of soul, art and dedication. Endowed with a corrosive and clever humour that leaves no one indifferent.
Ana Macedo<br />Pastry Sub-Chef

Ana Macedo
Pastry Sub-Chef

One of the alchemists of our sweet world. Her sweet and delicate personality, changes at work and it imprints an absolutely construtive and productive energy. She is friendly, serious, methodical, organized and creative, these are somethings that we can reveal about her personality.
Manuel Dias<br />Line Chef

Manuel Dias
Line Chef

Native from one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, the heart of Minho, Gerês. Fate or maybe the distance from the sea made him fall in love with fish and seafood. He dedicates his qualities to the sea: accuracy and seriousness. He hides the eternal rebel behind his serene look.
José Ferreira<br />Line Chef

José Ferreira
Line Chef

Born in Pinhão. A man who lives for the team and makes his availability and delivery one of his main weapons. Since he joined this family he hasn´t stopped giving and growing. One of the pillars of consistency and an example of the will to win we all feel.
Vínicius D´Avila<br />Line Chef

Vínicius D´Avila
Line Chef

A chef who stands out for his meticulous and attentive commitment to detail. He has a remarkable personality, strong, but he goes unnoticed. Discrete, captivating and always available for everything he needs to do. What he does is always perfect.
Jaime Pinto<br />Butler

Jaime Pinto

Charismatic personality, with an enormous touch and motivation by and for the client. Only the full satisfaction of those who he welcomes it will full fill him. Jaime is the clear personification of hospitality and attention to detail.
Abel Almeida<br />Sommelier

Abel Almeida

Humble and joyful, are two characteristics taken as opposed, yet Abel both of them well pronounced in his personality. He always has a smile to offer. The passion for service and wine makes him a key piece in the team.
William Queiróz<br />Guest Services

William Queiróz
Guest Services

William is a persevering person and the spirit of sacrifice is one of his main characteristics. The incessant pursuit of knowledge, good taste and sensibility, makes him an alchemist. Apart from total disponibility and polyvalence, he develops internally the creative, biological and aesthetic processes of most of the drinks creations we present to those who visit us.
Marco Barbosa<br />Guest Services

Marco Barbosa
Guest Services

A service expert with an ever-growing career path. He has an affable, strong and creased personality, and is, without a doubt, one of the engines of the dynamics that we imprint in the way we deliver hospitality. Always ready and available; always at service.